Trip to the Alps – Day 3, La Berard

Day 3 – the legs are aching a bit – but we’re here to have fun right?!?
This was a bit of a trip into the unknown as it was a route new to our guide, Bruce. We drove to Le Clapier d’Auris and from there started to climb.

The first part of the ride was fairly horrid – the roads were steep, the sun was brutal and there wasn’t much to look at – which gave Will the excuse to complain about something other than his bottom bracket. However, after about 10km the scenery opened up and was utterly breathtaking. We rode alongside the river coming down from the glacier and the water was properly BLUE.
2015-06-24 14.14.04

From there the road kicked up a bit, and we rode a steep 5km up the switchbacks into the pretty village of Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans where we paused for photos again.
2015-06-24 11.55.50

2015-06-24 12.32.56

Back into the saddle, and up the final 10km up to the summit. Like most good cycling routes, at the summit there’s a coffee shop. This was no exception 🙂
File 26-06-2015 08 20 40

File 26-06-2015 08 22 20

File 26-06-2015 08 23 31

On the return we decided to divert for lunch to the pretty tourist village of Venosc, where we had fantastic savoury pancakes. Nom!

As it was our last night, we went out for dinner (I think Bruce had had enough of cooking by this point), so into Bourg for pizza! Once back at the chalet, time to read up on the last day’s epic climb up Alpe d’Huez.

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