Ola Madrid

Well the day started early… the chorus of alarm clocks at 4:00am ready for a taxi to pick me up to get the first flight out of Heathrow to Madrid.

Telefónica Campus

Aerial view of the campus

Spending a couple of days at the *massive* headquarters of Telefónica in Districto C – am always slightly amazed at the size of the place. I do truly wonder what everyone does – I would go round and ask them all, but I only have 2 days.

Purpose of the visit is to discuss / plan for the next couple of releases of BlueVia.com and so far that has gone well. The roadmap is looking fairly good, with some interesting new features and a few necessary usability tweaks on the way for the mid-year release. Also, we’ve been discussing the next generation of “BlueVia Labs” APIs – we recently published the first one, where developers and customers can access their SMS history (UK users can check out hashblue.com) and there’s more on the way. Personally I like this approach, as it’s allowing the local operating businesses to still be innovative and we can prove / disprove demand before doing the big integration tasks.

Not much planned for tonight, but feeling pretty wiped out already so sad to confess I probably won’t hit the city tonight (although have done most of the touristy things already on previous visits) then more of the same tomorrow before a late flight home.

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