Roger Waters – The Wall

So at the weekend I was lucky enough to go see The Wall performed live at The O2 in London.   As a teenager this was one of my favourite albums, the anthems of alienation and isolation are irresistable at that age I think.

I had seen Roger Waters live before at Glastonbury, but this was the full “The Wall” performance and I was rather excited. 🙂   Happily, it more than lived up to expectations!

I had never been to The O2 / Millenium Dome before, and from outside I have to say it doesn’t look like much – and the endless rows of eateries and bars inside does little to sell it, however once we got into the main theater I really got an eyeful of how frickin’ big the place is. Our seats up in the top-tier were kinda dizzying.

The O2

View from the gods... @The O2 London

Anyways – suffice to say the concert was fantastic. Roger’s voice hasn’t changed one bit, and he still belts out the songs with venom. The stage show is little short of amazing – the projections, the inflatables, the fighter plane… (!)  I did take a lot of pics with the phone, but none of them did it justice, so I’ll link the pics someone else took and posted here on Flickr.

There was rumour that Nick Mason and Dave Gilmour were making appearances – sadly not tonight, (would have been awesome to say “I saw Floyd”) but that didn’t take away from a great gig.

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