About Nick

Nick has been involved in bringing emerging media solutions to market for pretty much all his working life, working for a mix of mega-corporations and plucky startups!

He has always had a keen interest in all things “new media” – and has previously worked in electronic publishing with Argos before becoming IT Director for Encyclopædia Britannica and Britannica.co.uk.  He has also been  IT Director for BTLookSmart (search and advertising) and Director of Product Management for SurfKitchen as well leading platform Architecture at O2 UK, and then being a founder member of O2’s “The Lab” before moving into Telefonica Digital.

Telefonica gave him the opportunity to create a startup business, Everreach – which he led through to its sale. Since then, he has had the start-up bug, and has co-founded two other companies in the tech space.

Outside of work Nick is a keen gamer and spends more time than he should in PC games. He plays bass guitar to a semi-professional standard, playing in various bands along the way. When his achilles allows, he’s an avid cyclist, and spends most weekends trolling around the Surrey hills – and when it doesn’t allow, he does it on a motorbike instead. If he ever moves back outside of London he will get his pilot license renewed and start flying again.


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